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Literature, music, fashion and culture of all kind.

Founder & CEO:

Montice L. Harmon.

Year Established:

Feb 20, 2013


Founder & CEO:

Montice L. Harmon


Montice Larun Harmon (born December 24th 1985) Also known as BoSsWRiTeR, is an American author, poet, model, actor, song writer, journalist, activist, and motivational speaker. 

Harmon is the author of Bestselling Children's book, The adventures of Angus the Mouse, and his incredible collection of poetry Expressions of Poetry, and BossWriter Magazine plus many more all published under his self publishing company, BossWriterPublishing, LLC.




Harmon lunched his own publishing company in 2010. Later releasing his now Bestselling Children's  when he released his first short story titled, "The adventures of Angus the mouse," along with successful title's like, "Expressions of Poetry," "Leah Starr's Revenge," and "Fefe The Pup." In 2012, Harmon plans to take his career further with the release of his first novel and magazine under his pen name BossWriter. His plan is to help authors around the world become successful published authors.


BossWriterPublishing is headed towards a brighter future. Not only for the founder himself. But for the whole B.W.P family... 





                                                   Shirley Honeycutt ~ "Mama's Kitchen"

                                                                     Tallahassee, FL



 About the Author,

 Shirley A. Honeycutt, a native of Tallahassee, FL, was inspired to write her collection of poetry by the round-table discussions at her mother Johnnie B. Brown's home. Each poem in her book captures real-life, thought provoking experiences of the Deep South in which she was reared. Her poem Play Me That Song Again was published in the international Library Poetry, along with Valley of Wild Flowers. As seasons Change can be read on Shirley is a dedicated wife to her husband, Willie, a loving mother to her four sons; Tony Jr., Ganoudis Sr., Oliver, and Shedrick, and a doting grandmother.

Shirley Honeycutt's poetry is inspiring and motivational to the heart. Her words are trails told through the eyes and mind of an memoir. Her story reflects on life situations and important issues relating to death, family, friendship and suicide. 






                                                                                         Melody Toomer ~ "Lyrically Spoken"

                                                                     Atlanta, GA



  About the Author,


Born and raised in Moultrie, GA. Melody Toomer is a jack of all trades. She sings, write music, poetry, and urban novels. Her first title, "Lyrically Spoken: Words from the Heart." will release this year from BossWriterPublishing. In this book Melody invites readers into her world of thinking. From the heart her words encourages, influence and develops understanding to mankind. Deep within her poetic heart she's speaks liberty that truly delivers freedom and peace of mind. She's come this fear and has made away to express herself through her Lyrically Spoken Words. Her faith is strong in changing our minds to think deeply about reality. The facts are destine to be our results. The things we fail to seek, knowledge and wisdom is what you'll receive reading her poetry. Each word reflects on actions related to life. Her story is told in sense. Sense only someone like you could understand.




1. Urban Black Reviews.

2.  Rice Media Five.

3. CreateSpace Awards Breakthrough.

4. Reader's Favorite. 


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2. Book Master.

3. Bowker.

4. Vista Print.


6. Barnes & 


 1. BossWriter Entertainment.

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Coming In 2013:

1. The Kings & Queens Series ~ June 2013.

2. The Victoria Kardase Story ~ Sept 2013.

3. BossWriter Magazine (2nd Issue) ~ Nov 2013.

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