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Words of Encouragement (Kindle Edition)



Expressions of Poetry:


Encouraging words to those in need of motivational and inspirational words of expressions. Poetry delivered towards the youth and young adults battling with insecurity and acceptance. Also motivating stories that deal with death, love and friendship. Encouraged to all ages, expressions of poetry is a powerful enforce on anyone dealing with matters thats effecting our lives today. Helping those coat with obstacles and being able to overcome them.

finds peace of mind to continue his ambitions. Walking through trails and gaining understanding to live knowing you are important and loved by a higher love no man nor women can provide. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding.This book is so inspirational, and motivational. The author goes through obstacles and t-Poetry-collection-ebook/dp/B006WEOQ3U/ ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1328561137&am p;sr=8-3

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